Participation as a member of The British Parliamentary Awards All-Party Parliamentary Group ( APPG) includes Members of both Houses who have joined together to pursue the agreed objectives. Potential new APPG members are invited to join ias follows:

i) Those members invited to join the APPG who, either through position, or personality exercise significant power within their sector.
ii) Members nominated by other Members of Parliament, or who nominate themselves.

The British Publishing Company provides the administrative support to the APPG and undertakes all the requirements of the APPG. The support provided is designed to ensure an efficient but minimal use of Members time and as such the process is fully automated online enabling each Member to log onto the APPG Members portal and view each Parliamentary Report and the shortlisted nominations. Each Member can then review, make notes and score each finalist, these are then automatically submitted online and provide the final winners of each Parliamentary Award.

Members are also invited to attend the Power 100 Parliamentary Awards Gala Dinner and present the winners with their award on stage

To joinThe British Parliamentary Awards All-Party Parliamentary Group please complete the infomation below